Equity Labour Services (ELS) is a social enterprise delivering vegetation control, litter collection, cleaning services, large-scale mowing/slashing, landscaping and general maintenance. We train and find work for people who face barriers to gaining and retaining employment.

By choosing ELS, you’re not only getting the job done in a timely, efficient and professional manner, but you’re also making a real difference in your community, by assisting those who need help most to achieve their goals of finding meaningful work.

As the largest vegetation management business in Tasmania, our client list includes government and commercial businesses. ELS is a rare blend: a successful social enterprise and a thriving commercial business, both rolled into one.

You can learn more about us, explore our services, or contact us to enquire about how we may help you or someone you know.


We deliver grounds management,  traffic management, road maintenance, wood chipping and tree clearing, vandal/graffiti repairs, electric tag and testing services, and more. Have a look at our range of services in detail.

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